Second hand furniture

is fun and it’s very satisfying to see your home come together in a way that
reflects your personality. Of course, it can also be very expensive. Furniture
is a major investment and all the other elements of decoration can quickly add
up to a considerable total. Those who are budget conscious – as well as those
who love creative challenges often opt for
second-hand furniture to make
their decorating dreams come true.When you want to furnish your home, you often
think of turning to furniture stores offering brand new furniture. However,
turning to second-hand furniture can have a double advantage: it can be
economical but also ecological.

To buy
second-hand furniture:

Start by
taking the dimensions

There is
nothing worse than having to refuse a potentially ideal piece of furniture
because you are not sure it will fit in the space you have reserved for it.

Take a few
minutes to scribble down your dimensions before you go shopping.

Get the
right vehicle

If you know
you’re going furniture hunting and your vehicle isn’t big enough, try borrowing
one from a friend. If not, consider renting one.

the potential

Look for
furniture with a structure or style that you like very much.

paint and small stains can be easily corrected.

a piece of furniture to your own taste is easy and fun.

You might
want to look at an online tutorial to learn how to upholster or repaint


used furniture, whether vintage or not, is an economical and environmentally
friendly way to furnish a home. Also, searching for hidden treasures, bargains
and special pieces can be a lot of fun. As with any project, it’s a good idea
to get some information before you set out in search of shops and tag sales in
your area. Above all, be honest with yourself about the level of work you are
willing to do to resurrect a used piece of furniture. And, if you don’t do it
yourself, make sure you have a realistic idea of the cost of basic work such as
upholstery work and wood repairs .